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Advocacy and Support


Does any of this sound familiar?

You are busy. You have a full-time job, a family, commitments – and you are facing the prospect of adding another full time job (care management) to your schedule. Wouldn’t it be gratifying to spend more precious time visiting with your loved one – or taking a breather for yourself – and less time scrambling to attend to the myriad details of care-coordination? There are always the tasks that you will want to do yourself, but I can help with those you feel comfortable delegating to someone else.


You or a family member has just received a new and perhaps complex diagnosis. You are bewildered by the amount of information and recommendations from your providers, from the internet, and from well-meaning friends. You don’t know which road to take and are feeling overwhelmed. I can partner with you and help sort through everything you are hearing, thinking, and reading. The emotional impact of your diagnosis is as important as the physical condition – your body and mind are connected and continually affect each other throughout this process – you will want to take care of them.


Your father is living alone and has stated many times over the years how important it is to him to remain at home as he ages. You know he is lonely but you have always felt he was safe on his own. On your last visit, you noticed unopened mail, signs of forgetfulness that may threaten his safety – doors unlocked, stove left on, spoiled food in the refrigerator. He seems frail and is repeating himself in conversations. You have no idea how to approach the subject, let alone how to arrange for help at home so your father’s wishes can be respected and he is out of harm’s way. I can help you evaluate your father’s needs in terms of help and connect you with resources that will provide the necessary services.

The possible scenarios in healthcare and care giving are endless. You do not have to do this alone. Covenant Patient Advocate is here to help with Franklin Elderly Home Care services.